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The moment of truth speaks when you are in a situation to choose between being rejected or being accepted. It could be the most craziest idea if we keep on inserting ourselves into a scenario when we know that we are not the missing fragment.

Sounds absurd, but it is the reality of life.

Acceptance is the word of life, but sometimes the word is too deceiving. It’s funny how we came into the picture then suddenly you feel being rejected. Time may heal and cure the most painful chapter of our lives; however those darkest days will keep on haunting us, and it really sucks.

The good news is that hope stitches all the scars, and hope became the new word of our  life.

We all desired for something beautiful that will happen; but circumstances forbids, and it really sucks. We often expect that any changes that will arise will have a good result– but it doesn’t.

We are the predator, and we preyed for that elusive warm fuzzies reality of life. If we keep on begging for their acceptance then we will always feel rejection.

Having said that, if we only accept the absurdity of life then it is inevitable that the impossible will be chalk up.






Pachydermatous (Every Teardrop Counts)

He woke up and he was foreboding to cry, but unfortunately his tears drops like a heavy rain with a thunderous roar. I was doing my unfinished task at that very moment when I heard him cry even if my headset was on. Then I rushed myself to basically calm him down, but more tears were coming out from his eyes. I knew it already that he was looking for her Mother. So I calmly spoke to him, 

“Sky, don’t beg for her time but instead be happy.”

Then I slowly explained to him why she left and that slowly made him feel calm and secure. Sky just turned four today, so I decided to slowly give him the points of understanding based on our status. My elder son basically understand the situation but Sky is  just slowly adapting. Since then, he is very dear to me from the time that he was into his existence. The closeness began when he was so little. Way back then when I was still working from my previous company, I usually took charged of the babysitting at night. I woke up on wee hours if he  cries and asked for a bottle of milk without even complaining of my tiresome job that day. That initial bond became stronger up until now. He is even jealous when I give my attention to his “Kuya” elder brother. He always find ways to get my attention that made me and his “Kuya” laughing. So, we ended up teasing him. 

What’s my point?

Sky in general needs her Mom’s attention that’s the substantial reality in which her Mom couldn’t comprehend. I must know because I knew all his actions and I knew it when he misses her that much. I was upset, that’s the truth. I leaved them both so that they will have enough time for each other to cuddle but I guess she was just too busy doing her thing. Even if my son always call her name, she continually ignored him in some sense. I grew up without my parents with my side, so I can basically relate for what he was feeling. That sense of excitement to have her again for him in which she undoubtedly could not understand why our son acted that way.  I am the type of a father who doesn’t tolerate hatred. I’ve been there done that and it only caused severe depression that made us humans to find ways in escaping reality in which it will create a damage to a certain family relationship. Believed me it is infinitely proven. 

A mothers love is totally different from the child’s perception in which I couldn’t  do it and gave it at the same time. I am not too greedy if he is looking for her, I always make sure that I can reach her just to connect with him. For me it’s too pathetic, why? My son’s situation acts like a chaser (like me), the chaser of infinite blithe. In fact, what I always wanted her to do is too basically spare her “precious” time with him but I can sense that she has more important things to do and that made my son her least priority. What the F!



“Hurt people hurt people.”        Will Bowen

We always think that what happened to us is just part of history.  The idea of unintentionally hurting people that can be pass through generation. We went through different hardships and troubled past but generally speaking the pain inside of us will remain inside of us. This is basically what happens in my country right now, there is a sense of bitter disagreement within the society. I am hopeful that the next generation will learn how to live a life of empathy and  that they are willing to make a radical change when their time will come.

Flight 8

Dusty Crophopper: I’ve been flying over the same patch of grass, day after day, month after month, for years!  I’m just trying to prove that maybe, just maybe I can do more than what I was built for.

I can only count the days in my hands when my son Sky failed to watch Disney’s Planes movie. The movie became his bedtime story. We both laugh, sing and from time to time as I’ve noticed we’re feeding our heads with Planes conversation. Sky sing along because the soundtrack were very catchy and of course some taste of rock genre music (his favorite genre). It’s just too funny to think about it sometimes, when songs are played he will always asked me to sing along with him. In the long run, I was able to stir up my interest in taking down notes of the movie’ s quotable lines. The movie for me personally is full of values that we can connect to our lives. It talks about the reality of our life. It portrays about; 

  • Ambition
  • Gaining confidence
  • Friendship
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Deceitfulness
  • Willful blindness
  • Humiliation
  • Obscurity
  • Empathy
  • Victory and a whole lot more.

Moreover, Dusty Crophopper is a hardworking, full of ambition, empathic and goal driven plane (if we will describe him in humanistic point of view). The movie is full of inspiration and Sky became a fan of El Chupacabra’s  lines for Bulldog;

    El Chupacabra: You make joke? Very well…you leave me with no choice! I swish my cape to you! You’ve been shamed.

    Sky will imitate his Mexican accent and ended up laughing. 

    On the other hand, the movie itself basically has an impact to myself personally. Another line from the movie and by this time it was Chug who was telling Dusty,

    There is nothing better than dying while doing what you love most.”

    A very well said by Chug, in which I basically overcome my fear of doing the things for what my heart desires. It is because I gain more confidence in pursuing my innate talent that was recently awaken. We all have that fear of rejection, but because I was able to learned how to conquer it by means of breaking away from the negativity. The humiliation that I got became my tool to inspire myself and excel in the field that I have which is the creative world. It is infinitely true that if we have the empathic values, we may be able to understand life as a whole. The divergence of introspection to outrospection. I grew up and live a life full of questions but but because of radical change I was able to find the answers.  I want to inspire people that there are a lot of things that we can do and it’s never too late to achieve it. Build up that confidence and prove to them that you can do more than what they expected. 

    Then let this conversation of Dusty and Franz be the inspiration,

    Franz: You are an inspiration to all of us.

    Dusty: All of us?

    Franz: Yeah, all of us who want to do more than just what we are built for.