Ode to Tribe

The whole tribe witnessed his nativity, he came out from thy mothers womb showing kindness and gentleness. The guardians showered him with love, meticulosity and ensure his security from the dangers animosity.


The Waves of Undying Love

I will always protect you from the bravest waves of the ocean that keeps on crashing and smashing. 

I will kiss away all your gushing tears from dropping and believed me my sweetest pea, I am not lying.  

When the day of infinite calmness comes, let me take you with me and we will wander.

 I will take you away from this beguiled world without being bothered.

We will travel to a place where the sun sets and we will wallow. 

I’ll stop the water in your eyes to dripped and take away all your sorrow.

I will make a mighty fence as your defense, I will build it from my undying love and admiration. 

Let our lips kiss and taste the love with delectation.



There are two roads to choose from my phantasm and ’twas documented inside my head. Whether it may be a reality or a fantasy that will shape my role in the society.

I rushed myself to the left side of the road but my head was looking consciously to the right. That journey was full of obstacles to overcome with; Me, myself and my shadow battled the bandits of sorrow.

I always bring the eight calendars inside my bag, every page of it was marked with memories and goals to name the game. I am in the midst of my delusion suddenly shakened by thunderous motion.

I allow my Dream to become reality; I took out the negativity and Aim for victory. Absorbing positivity and look forward for the best Possible answer.

My elusive pipe dream, lit·ter·a·teur

DETOUR (The Road To Recovery)

(Photo© to the owner)

I tried to shoot the stars in the outer space but what I got was shamed and disgraced.

I walked away for about a distance mile and I saw the sign, “The Road To Recovery” . It gave me a reason to smile.

There was a big rock placed beside the post and I sat down comfortably for a while.

My mind wandered and I asked myself, why life is so fragile?

Loneliness lingers on that made me sighed, and then I relaxed myself and closed my eyes.

A water from my eyes came out in dripped and I can’t even dare to stop knob my earsplitting cry coming out from my lips.

I felt the cold wind blowing and inside my head I heard voices screaming, one voice I heard was whispering gently and another voice was swearing relentlessly.

I opened my eyes and rambled away from where I was sitting.

From far away, I saw a radiant ray of light, I was bedazzled; I ran so fast towards the luminous light but I can still hear creepy voices that are very annoying.

Drawing closer to the place where the light was, I was overwhelmed for what I’ve witnessed.

That glorious lightrays that enticed me to be in that place, it was my inception of becoming victorious and illustrious.

” New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” -Lao Tzu- 👌🏼

Thalamus (2005)

I see you in my dreams,

Feeling ecstatic as it seems.

Too scared to tell you what is real,

We hang on together and shared what we feel.
Somewhere deep inside was bothering me.

I felt the guilt, emotionally hurting you.

Memories shared and cherished,

We end up saying “one day this feeling will vanish”
A loving woman as sweet as a sugarplum,

Full of sensation and inflamed with passion.

Allow me to take you to the sanctum,

You deserve a big celebration.