When blood starts to rain, terror reigns. 

When the world feels pain, terror reigns.

Religion pollutes the people’s brain and that’s why they are insane. 

Good thing I’m an Atheist ‘coz I know what love is; 

I am a humanist that’s why I love peace.

Death is Cheap

When death is cheap a country will always be in chaos and disorder. 

The elite politicians who owns a government position to protect their own vested interest. 

The presence of forced labor, low income wages, and their ability to control the monopolies.

Inequality due to the abused of power will result to anarchy. 

Death is cheap for the elites because they can afford the justice system of the society. 

Death is cheap because the marginalized people are like cockcroaches that pollutes the society.

Death is cheap if the ignorant society will surrender their own freedom.

Death is cheap if the people remains in a cage of slavery.

Death is cheap if no one shows their bravery. 

When death is cheap, a country will live forever in fear and will never prosper.

The Great Divide

Keep pushin’ me to the edge ’til my heart bleeds. 

I feel so numb and dumb; I can’t hear a music, please hit that drum.

I can hear so clearly now, but this feelings will slowly disappear.

My heart will explode and you will never hear a sound, but instead you will be astound.

When that time comes, I’ll make it sure that I’m happily sleeping on the ground.


Two damned days since you came back and I was downed again–and then your darkness covered the burning flame.

Emptiness, restlessness, and hopelessness–bitch! Can I rest?

I walked away from your shadow, but still the journey was full of sorrow. 

Oh! My eternal flame please burn me again, please burn me again;

Sacrifice What?

What’s the purpose of saying “sacrificing something” during the Lenten season? What’s your reason?

I can’t see any rationality of this trend to be honest; It sounds too absurd, and it makes my mind blurred.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we will do it in a calendar year? Life is always full of sacrifices and trials and that’s the substantial reality; We will face it with no fear.

Let’s stop acting like a hypocrite; I guess it’s time for us to see life from the other side, and face the reality by solving our own animosity and hypocrisy.

Finding the true meaning and the purpose of our life is the most difficult thing to do, and that’s the true essence of sacrifice. No more lies.