The Great Divide

Keep pushin’ me to the edge ’til my heart bleeds. 

I feel so numb and dumb; I can’t hear a music, please hit that drum.

I can hear so clearly now, but this feelings will slowly disappear.

My heart will explode and you will never hear a sound, but instead you will be astound.

When that time comes, I’ll make it sure that I’m happily sleeping on the ground.


I’m not trying to be righteous, but I’m naturally courteous.  

I can see it because it’s too obvious, your life now is a mess and dubious.

Accept the fact that you are begging for his love, running and running trying to catch that beautiful dove.

You said he was sent from up above, but I find out he was just working in the pub.

I’m not acting like an intruder, you knew it’s over, please cure your hangover. 

Life goes up and down like a revolver, and please accept the fact that you’re a loser then I will pull over.


A happy start of the year, but all of the sudden it shifted to fear. My gray heart started to heal, but all of the sudden the mood became so despair.

Please teach this gray heart to be romantic,  I’m tired of being melancholic. Falling in love must always be optimistic, but this poor heart is gray, dreary and pessimistic.


I am addicted to dictionary, call me your mercenary. My life is ordinary and I came out from thy womb on January.

Bestowed by the gift of creativity and scribbled the words into poetry. Love it or hate it, the feeling is extraordinary when I tattle the words with harmony.

Life can be systematic, you can call me an addict and it’s automatic. I’m not trying to be nomadic, I will stay in a place which I will call fantastic.

Blessed with divine thoughts of poetry and prose, every words you read is like a transcription dose. A medicine for your mind written by the poetic healer, then you will realized, are you a storyteller?