I tried to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle but suddenly I was bedazzled.

I guess am having a cold feet– Man! I just want to shoot my emotions on the street.



It’s amazing how you made that smile because I feel awesome for awhile. 

I didn’t expect that you will reply, to be honest you make my heart cry.

I couldn’t deny the fact that my heart cracked, and now its bleeding I got a heart attack.

Why are you so rude? Please forgive me because my feelings was glued.

I promise to cut this tangled rope, I’m optimistic I will not loss hope. 

I’m willing to sacrifice, and even more willing to pay the price, please open your eyes.

Abide 2.0

The false prophets were elected during democracy, and then they raped the justice system for autocracy.
They promised the false hope of recovery, but they sprayed bullets on the marginalized society.
The false prophets cut off the lines in the Southern Seas, and they sold it to the chink eyed monarchy.
They said the fight for the dispute is over, and they returned home bringing the billion papers.


Random thoughts that don’t die, our life will be wasted if we will not try. 

You should not be shy, you must let your mind fly.

Grow the seeds of humiliation, so that they will harvest the fruit of frustration. 

You must continue your creation, and be the master of your imagination.