I tried to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle but suddenly I was bedazzled.

I guess am having a cold feet– Man! I just want to shoot my emotions on the street.



“Hurt people hurt people.”        Will Bowen

We always think that what happened to us is just part of history.  The idea of unintentionally hurting people that can be pass through generation. We went through different hardships and troubled past but generally speaking the pain inside of us will remain inside of us. This is basically what happens in my country right now, there is a sense of bitter disagreement within the society. I am hopeful that the next generation will learn how to live a life of empathy and  that they are willing to make a radical change when their time will come.

Introvert Struggles

I really don’t know what’s in your head right now, I guess I’ve done my part telling you about what your life is all about. From the beginning you we’re broke, I am the only person who sacrifice all the shitty things you did in your fuckin’ life because your so-called family who benefited all the stuffs you did had abandoned you. To be honest I am not tired of helping but to the point that you’re no longer helping your own self, a big fuck you to you, I must say. It seems that you are too dependent right now. Your too fuckin’ insensitive, if you will just know what I mean. Good Lord! I have my own problems to be solve too dude, move your ass. What’s so irrating is that I couldn’t concentrate doing what I like to do because the whole day you are sleeping in my fuckin’ bed. I’ve said the things about your situation but I guess you are dumb enough not to comprehend. Move on with your life and start a new chapter. Your stories from the past will not help you, if you will just understand the things I said, you will probably get back on the track and redeem yourself. 

Brush off all the things that happened in the past, make it as your inspiration to connect the dots to be able to regain your status. I am totally frustrated of what you are doing right now. 

Take this qoute from Frank Lucas “The loudest one in the room is the weakest in the room.”

 You are only brave when the person you are talking is not around when the time that person is in front of you, dude! You look like a wet chicken. I know you are not brave enough, you are really-really weak. Stop pretending because I know when you are lying again I know all your lies, I can sense it. I am not a psychologist but I studied human behaviors based on my experienced. It’s a good thing that I remained an innocent looking human being but don’t take it for granted I can remember all the things you’ve said. In time that I am alone I think about it and connect all the things you’ve said. Mind you about the Critical Thinking Study Skills from Cambridge University that I partcipated with? Well, you don’t need to know the result, it will just blow your mind. 

So stop assuming and as early as now never tell a lie because if I will start talking, you will probably loss your sanity and wonder why I knew all the things.

Have some consideration when you are in my crib, it’s funny how I did the reverse psychology tactics and I end laughing because you have no idea what’s going on. I did it to refrain myself from spitting out words that will make you ponder for the rest of your life. We are not the same because I am an introvert  who finds solitude in my own place, it is where I draw all my creative ideas. I am a procastinator but when I did it?  that’s the time I look for all the possible answers in my life, I plan everything before I engaged my self in. Didn’t you noticed that you all laughed at me when I am doing something? It is funny how you guys couldn’t figure it out what I am doing. You will only appreciate it when it’s done. See the difference? So, don’t assume that we are the same. As they said,  an overthinker creates problem that doesn’t exist but still have millions of ideas to solve it.

Respect my privacy if you see me with my headset that means I am working as a note taker, do not turn on the fuckin’ television. If you don’t hear any answer directly that means I am not in the mood for talking. Learn the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T, because when you do it everything else will follow.

It is not too late to change, lower down your pride and start loving yourself. The world is so beautiful and start appreciate little things. You are just creating your own hell, open up your eyes there is a place called HOPE start your journey right now.