“The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.”

-John Locke

One of the most influential thinkers when it comes to the enlightenment of mind is John Locke, he is part of the group of thinkers that I looked up with. He is considered as the “Father of Liberalism” because of his political philosophies and his contributions to the social contract theory. The theory which includes the questions of the existence of society and the legitimacy of the given authority to a certain individual. Being part of the 17th-century modern day philosophy, John Locke the English philosopher during the “Age of Enlightenment” has played a major contribution to the theories of mind. In his theory, he cited that at the time we had our physical existence, our minds have a zero knowledge or simply empty. He also cited the modern day conceptions of our self and identity. In addition, he also emphasized that knowledge can be acquired through our life experiences that comes from our own understanding of it. He basically contradicted the idea of preexisting concepts as he was referring to the innate ideas that we are not born with.

John Locke’s idea of introspection and the idea of finding our truest self are the basic principles that we can apply to our life. Finding our own self identity is probably hard if we practice the fixed mindset values. Modern day psychologist Carol Dweck explained that in order for us to gain  more knowledge we must bear that growth mindset characteristic. The ability to accept failures and allowing the failures to correct us and by connecting all the dots of failures plus our own experiences will definitely lead us to a well-deserved life. A life that has a set of predetermined goals for us to be able to succeed.

Learning new things is not hard if we have the attitude of  having self-determination, a key factor that will drive us to whatever things that gives us the best interest in our life. If we have enough knowledge, it will be our tool to discover new things and probably answers the questions on what we had in our life. The best way to ponder the questions of our existence can be achieved by isolating ourselves alone as they said. By being alone we are able to rationalized all the things  and understand our truest purposed in this beloved chaotic world.

Our day to day living is always a challenge for us and that is the substantial reality. In the society that I lived the people always have the idea of misconception because the only knowledge that they have is mostly based on the physical aspects of a person. Their judgment are commonly based for what they hear and for what they see, without even finding the enough reasons to prove it and that’s the saddest part. We can basically connect that kind of idea in relation to what we tend to perceived on how ugly the caterpillar is. Right from that perspective we tend to become judgmental because reality checks and reality bites; the metamorphosis of an ugly caterpillar will always surprise us because we tend to forget that the beautiful butterfly was once an ugly caterpillar.

It is infinitely true that life will always encounter the various struggles and hardships but if we have the ability to handle it, life can be easy. The sense of humiliation that I got became the seeds that I grew towards my journey to the creativity world.  It is actually a weird thing on why I am interested into the arts of the creativity world. To be honest, I have no freakin’ idea on how to draw portraits before. It was a school activity dedicated to Mother Ignacia Del Espiritu Santo (from my catholic school in high school) where students from each section, freshmen to senior must have a representative to draw her. By means and by virtue of my classmates because nobody wants to do their share talent, I was randomly picked to play the artist shit of the day. Well, I always loved challenges because I want to learn more. Winning is not an option for me because I knew I couldn’t even draw her fuckin’ portrait. I end up having a stick figure drawing of her portrait and basically having the deepest blank stare at their wonderful portrait drawings. The contest had ended and by the virtue of the committee they displayed all the art pieces including my abstract stick figure-doodle like portrait which became the center of humiliation and from that instance I started to asked myself, what more can I do? From then on every notebook that I had always had a drawing of a person, I kept on doing my thing doodling while the boring teachers had their discussions. It continued up until my college days but it was just a formed of diversion when the topic is uninteresting. Only when I became a note taker that I poured out my attention to practice more on drawings of portraits. The job that I have taught me more because I was exposed mostly on the arts and humanities subject that was assigned to me. It’s a free education job that’s the best thing that I can be proud of. More and more practice until I hit the techniques on my own.

Photo © Learning Mind

Moreover, the wonderful job that I landed also developed my interest in poetry. Blamed the “Brutus Defense” when I was in my third grade. We are assigned to memorize the speech and present it to the class, unfortunately the tongued-twisted and empty stare happened because I couldn’t move on to the next part. Definitely it was the start of the spark to my interest in writing poetry. My style of writing is somewhat labelled as contemporary because the old tradition style is still retained. Words of rhythm and harmony and the basic quatrain. My idea is more deliberately  story telling and sometimes a made up character but basically based on my own experiences (love, family, relationship, struggles, victory etc.). As they said, blessed are the poets for they are blessed with divine thoughts in which if we traced back the history there are parts of the bible with poetry and prose, if I am not mistaken the Psalms and the Songs of David has it. At first I was very shy to share but what the fuck? not everybody has it and it is something very rare and very important that can be share to the world to help the other people understand what life truly means and how great it is to be part of the creative world.

I am not a good writer or an artist, I admit. But the fact that I can do both without proper education is enough for me to tell my kids that we “as a human” is capable of doing everything if we persevere to learn and love every inch of our vested interest. That’s the beauty of learning new knowledge.

Digital Age doesn’t mean that we will isolate ourselves, but instead we must be able to learn to adapt the new changes in the world and it can be achieve by our ability to do multitasking. The ability not to master a single craft but the ability of learning new craft. Right, from the steering wheel of a heavy equipment into handling a pen or a pencil. Who would have thought that a heavy equipment operator can be at the same time a poet and a portrait maker? Nobody. But because of my willingness to learn more then I am able to do more beyond my capacity that other people thought I can’t do it.

We are born with a purpose and let us stop wondering why the great Leonardo Da Vinci has it. He just used his intellectual knowledge to challenged himself that he can do more beyond his own limitations and eventually to show us that we are indeed capable of being creative if we are willing to learn and willing to discover new things in life. Keep believing you can do it and once again never doubt your instinct. He is such a big inspiration for me and to remind you he is an illegitimate son too like me.

In every failure we are able to learn.

If you will, but I just put the pussy on the chainwax.

The mail blinker surprised me, at first I really thought it was empty. I was wrong, the letter was full of unlimited opportunities.

Then I looked at my condition, it was full excitement and confusion. Staring blankly, I can smell the new chapter of annihilation.

Then I tried to calm myself down, the music played and I was drowned. I asked myself, why I kept on chasing happiness? Even if knew it will give me restlessness.

I guess it’s time for me to let go and open a new chapter that will make my life glow. The countown begins 1-2-3, welcome to my show.

Noun [zhwāduh vee-vrūh]; Enjoying the care free life.

Words are Life! 

The Book Thief

Go out and wonder.

There is a beautiful life waiting, reconnect your existence by being alone and learn to appreciate little things that surronds you. There ain’t no religion or school can teach you that, but only you. It may sound so pathetic if I say love yourself, but it’s true. What you have in yourself today is what you see in others. Build your own identity and you will love it. Explore the things that scares you most, think of what is in today and do your best because tomorrow is another day. What you have done today will be beneficial for tomorrow.

Positivity and good vibes.

Be thankful for a brand new day, breathe life again.

Again, worry about the best that you can do today.

Forever Gr8ful Jah! 🙏🏻❤️👌🏼

Shinobi Naku Songs

“I Wish I could be every little thing you wanted all the time.”


“Every Little Thing”

How I wish I am but it only gives me frustration. I think I have a better understanding with my life right now, breaking with the “this is how your life should be, look at them be like them”. Then who gives a fuck? Why in the hell should I imitate them? It doesn’t give me happiness and it is a total waste of time. Haven’t you noticed? The time when I took control of myself without your annoying, degrading humiliating and discriminating words of wisdom, I tasted victory. I remind you of this because there is no “Diploma” needed, my only arsenal is my determination to excel, my interest in my chosen job and my heart which I poured out my truest emotion for I do love what I am doing. I guess all of you are just too insensitive to point out the difference between loving what you love to do rather than insisting your traditional fixed mindset which definitely doesn’t help, that also frustrates your wishes. Life is not all about “work-eat-sleep”, as they said at some point we have to find options to break away from that routine. We are here in this world to discover and appreciate the things that surrounds us, the art teacher once said “Go out and Wonder”. She said “Surround yourself with questions and slowly discover the answers in your own effort, fill yourself with the question WHY?’. She is right because I grew up full of questions, I even question the religion that I grew up with and I found the answers through the various thoughts of the known idealist whom I shared the same point of view. It is really funny to think as I recall when they put you into shame because they want you to attend mass every Sunday and saying “That is why you are not blessed because you are not obliging yourself to attend the Sunday Mass” which in that sense I couldn’t argue upon because “that’s their belief”. Made me think though, for seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and even years wondering what is the connection for all the things they said to me, for the record I do pray alone, before I sleep and when I wake up. I am always been thankful because every morning I can still feel the features in my face and the Known God gave me another reason to live, breathe life again and I am always been blessed with that kind of mentality. I look like a condemned human being because of my physical features (I intended to look like this way because I was able to determine the hypocrites living in the society and it is very effective).

Furthermore, those questions of life became my inspiration to learn and discover things. It really gave me a better understanding on how to live my life. The problem is, when you have this idea and you all have the supporting points to explain the things plus an exhibit of your experience, you are labeled as “mentally ill, crazy” and I don’t know why. So it came to my mind that what the society had known you before, you are not allowed to change the way you are. What a crazy society I lived in. Few people will fully understand and those types of people are blessed with high level of understanding. The thing is even your own family are the sole responsible of spreading the bad things and it really is a fucked up life, if you know what I mean. Again, I didn’t judge directly because I always see the other side of it on why they are treating me like that. Ever since I was doing all the positive things in life. Back in the day I even excel in school academics but still nobody cares to go up on the stage, well thank you teachers for pinning the ribbons and medals. The only people that give credit to your hard worked are the ones who are not closed to you, funny to think eh. There are many instances in my life that I gave to them just because I am an illegitimate child, my life experiences became more meaningful due to the failures which became my inspiration to challenge myself.

“Do the things that scares you most”. I knew, it is not easy to write but my domestic experiences became my tool to create portraits and to write poetry blog, for it eases my feelings if I write or draw. It is also my only way to pour out my emotion when nobody wants to hear me.

“So I walk up on high and step to the edge, to see my world below. And I laughed at myself while the tears roll down, ‘cause it’s the world I know. It’s the world I know.”

“The World I Know”

When the time I was awakened I started my journey to the world of creativity and never had an instance of having a doubt in my instinct. It really feels good to be in a place where you belong. No other words could really express the triumph I felt. I gain more friends outside my country and they always gave me more inspiration to do well and develop the potential in me. I must say a big cure and definitely a relief to life’s downside. I figured out that the society I live defined success as a newborn child, everyone in the group cuddles and cheers but if success failed, you are the illegitimate baby being abandoned. So, it is good thing that I’m an illegitimate, it is an insult for them because of their humiliating words that I couldn’t do it (but I didn’t hate them) in fact it became my inspiration. I wanted them to share the experiences I had when the time they did that, but I hope they fully realized that what they did is wrong, pride I must say. Well and good, I can’t force them to change for who they are, besides they’re “old enough”.

“I didn’t change I just see things differently”

Indeed, I am. 

Positivity, determination, trust, love, patience, understanding, sacrifice and aside from that the three key factors in my life;

-Connect all the dots of failure

-Make the best things today for tomorrow’s benefit

-Karma is sweet (if you know how to handle)

The Karma Bus Ride

I was waiting for the Karma Bus and minutes later the bus arrived beeping. It was so crowded inside full of boisterous passengers. The bus has no proper destination and there’s no need for an explanation. They said it was a journey of condemnation with no guaranteed satisfaction.

I found myself completely bemused and I became anxious. I courteously asked the lady driver to pull over and by the way her name was December. So, it was very easy for me to remember because she was attractive and clever.

The place that I choose was full of fascination and an arsenal for my inspiration. The ride of condemnation was an eye-opener and I must be thankful to Miss December. I swear! you will always be in my heart forever.

I started to recreate my existence because I was floundering. The whole tribe thought my life is humiliating because they kept on comparing me to the others, but I moved on sending the message that the path I choose was not boring but very amusing.

I am an eagle escaping from the cage of sorrow, happily soaring high in the infinite sky. One day they will understand, when my body starts colder and when I will start to turn the blind eye.