Tainted|The Bitter End

I closed my eyes when I saw you from the beginning;
and I knew it was love, the thoughts of a storm I must say.
My heart is bleeding ‘coz I want to stop myself from falling.
We are light years apart, and yes I know I’m dreaming.

I heard the lonely song cry and it was very gentle without a sound.
Life now is like a broken glass, and the footprints on the sea was slowly wash out.
If love is made to be broken then I will throw myself into the coffin.
This pain is never ending, and I can’t stop my gray heart from screaming.

If change is for the better, but why is my gray heart too bitter?
Maybe it was destined that you gave me that revolver.
I will pull the trigger and eventually shuffle off this mortal coil.
But I will not do that either; because I always believed that your smile is a ray of light.

I can still smell the sweetness of the gunpowder and it made me wonder.
It’s very tempting and very enticing.
Right now I still love to visit the ocean of our memories–
The truth is, I can’t follow you to the afterlife; however, I will live and continue to explore the infinite spectrum of possibilities.


Dear Summer

I saw you crying in my sleep but you’re gone too soon. Daddy is coming home and brought some colorful balloons. Before I reached home, the dour and overcast skies started to fade into black. 

It was so bleak that the  arch of heavens was foreboding to cry. Why too soon? You never said goodbye. I’m still hoping that one day I will be at your side and we will watch the birds fly by. 

My life was star-crossed and melancholic. September to remember my little angel, I love you and I know one day you will take me out of the blue.