Burning Minds

The divine thoughts of poetry, thy minds are shining like a christmas tree.

Spread thy words with honesty, and live thy life with empathy.


The Anxiety World of Creativity

After passing through the road of recovery, I slowly eliminated life’s misery. I can’t deny the fact that life is full of agony, but it helps me to uncover the world of mystery.

Life can be deceiving, and that’s the reason why our life path are too misleading. If we continue believing, our life is not worth living.

From that instance I was able to learned the values of honesty, and then I wiped out all the animosity. I travelled the road alone with curiosity, and then I rested myself in a place called discovery.

It was a very overwhelming journey, every chapter is full of good memories. Then I shouted, “goodbye anxiety! because right now I am embracing the world of creativity.”

Darkest Emotions

When I am not writing.



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“Naked Truth”


“Shadow of Death”

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“Old Soul”

“The Devil Wear’s Angel”