Everything at Once: Notes to My Son 

Originally published in River Teeth, Spring 2015. (Subscribe here; River Teeth is great, and it’s named after an excellent David James Duncan essay.) June We returned from the hospital, our family, and immediately I shrugged the bags off my shoulder and set to work unpacking dirty clothes. I’ve always had this compulsion to unpack right away, […]



Simbang Gabi  or Misa de Gallo a tradition which is celebrated by Filipinos inherited during the Spanish period. It is also known as Mass of the Rooster because the mass is celebrated during dawn.

The Simbang Gabi  will start on the 16th of December until the Christmas eve. It is a nine days novena of which the church goers believed that a completion of this tradition will make their wish come true.  



Mi amada familia

“FAMILY  like branches on a tree, We all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as ONE…”

Family, the ones who would do anything to cheer you up when you are down & love you unconditionally. We argue & we even stop talking to each other at times, a family will always be a family… The LOVE will always be there no matter what.