2 Separate Studies Conclude Friendship is the Key for a Successful Relationship:

New research from Purdue University is showing that friendship might actually be the MOST important aspect of a relationship.

Source: 2 Separate Studies Conclude Friendship is the Key for a Successful Relationship:


Soundtrack 🎶

The first thing we noticed about watching movies are the soundtrack, from the promotional trailers basically. Eargasmic pumpin’ music that made our synapsis react. Our auditory and visual sensors will definitely burst into excitement from time to time, when we see and hear that movie trailer we loved.

But when that music you loved from a particular movie happens to be in reality, oh!well-shit happens. That’s another wonderful story of our life. Agree? 

Generally speaking in my personal experienced it did actually happened.

Tracing back the years that past, it was an occurence where I didn’t expect to be like that. I am sure you guys have watched Armageddon, the Animal Cracker scene particulary. It was Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler’s famous scene. The montage was great and so did Steven Tyler when he sing in accapella. So damn sweet!

Anyway, every movie has a favorite line of words. So did I. It was a situation where you’ve been asked to stop courting. But  what more can I say, the killer lines which was drawn from the innermost part of my heart. Send chills to my brain and sending my text message;

” How can we know if things will not work out for us?  If we don’t give it a try to work for us….” 

It was a conversation when I thought it was definitely over. Minutes gone by, i rushed myself to her. I knocked at her door but still she has no anwer. So i forced myself to get in.

When I was inside the atmosphere was so damn cold, the air condition was responsible for making it cold. So we’ve talk whilst her music from her computer serenades the room. It blends with the scenario. Then I held her cold hands and confessed everything what I truly felt. She responded in womanly manner, I held her hand tight and moved myself a little bit closer. Our eyes sending out the messsage on how much we truly feel. An eye to eye contact that represents the pureness of our feelings and slowly getting into her, and we kissed. It was the moment where you could only think is you and her against the world.

The background music plays as we both closed our eyes kissing ; 🎶 I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep…..I don’t wanna miss a thing….🎶 and then we stopped and laughed about the timing of an Aerosmith song. 

It was indeed a great experienced. Something that can be cherish for the rest of my life. 

It is absolutely true, wonderful and meaningful mem’ries can last a lifetime. The more we think about it the more we put a smile in our hearts.

So what’s your song? 

New Found

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Life in Photos

I always had the interest of exploring the art world like doing all the plausible creation which is basically based on my own perception. As they said being in the arts field of interest is limitless. There is no written boundary on how you create a certain masterpiece.

It actually allows me to discover new things when I tried to explore the creative world of arts. I did photography though I know from my self that I am still struggling. I tried sketching, doodling and backyard art like recycle thrashy materials for my house. Then few days ago, I explored the world of light painting by using my ios phone with the application installed on it. It was actually a suggestion from my experienced cousin who is a known photographer in our town.

It was indeed a feeling of great achievement in my life. When I was doing it, I…

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Being Around

It is so nice to see how my boys reacted when I am around with their mom. The usual complete set. I am not too greedy when in terms to showing my realest affection for them. I’ve been there done that. Growing up for me is not so easy especially when both of my parents are not around. To be more specific, I grew up in the hands of my grandparents and auntie’s. I am too lucky to have them because they showed me the love and care unconditionally.

The fact that I am separated with my ex-wife the mutual respect remains civil. We both always aim for our boys happiness. My eldest son understand the whole scenario why our relationship doesn’t work anymore. Obviously I did explained to him why things doesn’t work out the way it used to be.

Change is inevitable but it doesn’t mean only one person is capable of doing it. It is still unfair to do so. So the best thing that we can do is that to let them feel we never abandoned them. For me I always showed my boys how much I care and how much I love them. The true essence of being a father which I showed , the respect remains the same. Being a real man cannot be measured by how many women you slept with, but it is how you will raise your own family.

Being a broken family here in our country is still a stigma. Well I can’t blame every humans perception about that kind of situation. I grew up in a country were tradition and other beliefs played the most key role. What is important for me is that even if our family was broken, as a parents to our boys we always set aside our personal issues with regards to our relationship. We never hated each other and the respect remains the same, as a parents. 

I never allow any borders to grow in our relatonship, she can do the things whatever she wants to do, I don’t give a damn anyway. People around me knew how much I care and how much I love my boys. Being a single father is fckin’ nice! The realest thing is that for my two boys I have an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for them. Aight!? 💯❤️😉👌🏼

Poll Ethics|Politics

Nowadays people tend to follow who’s the most popular politician or the most prominent one. They don’t even check or evaluate what the politician did to his constituents or what achievement they had on their political resume.
Growing up I was made to believe how bad the former President Marcos ruled the country with regards to his declaration of Martial Law. The elders always said how cruel and inhumane they treated the citizens.
But you know, I had no interest in politics at all because I was too young then. So the stories they shared on how bad President Marcos was stuck in my mind.

As I enter adulthood, I slowly grasp every happenings around me, whether it is local or national politics. In our street when the elders group together for the ” tagay (alcohol drinking)” session. I always find ways to at least hear what they are up to. In general “tagay” session was the best time to discuss news and other stories that really affected the elders. After taking some beer or rum shot, the hotter the discussion and debate. It is really nice to see them arguing, it felt like you are in the house of congress debating a new
house bill. That moment in time I was then more keen to watch the news on tv.

Indeed, it was the part of my life where I am really influenced by being socially aware of what was happening. Aside from the drinking session, the debate and arguments over a certain matter, also stir up my interest in reading old books, magazines and newspapers. It was really odd to recall my growing up years in my place. When I was instructed to buy in a sari-sari store, the owner always wrap the one that I bought in a newspaper. Even though the newspaper is kinda old it was still fun to read. So in that sense, I also practiced my reading comprehension. When I find words that is so difficult for me to comprehend I immediately grabbed the dictionary
and read its meaning.

The point of being aware of the political status nowadays is very imperative. Especially in these grace period of time, where social media are very deceiving. Technically, the internet will help us understand more about what is going on right now, because it is always up to date. Even the politicians used the social media as a medium to advertise their ” so called” accomplishment. So the general public
will tend to believe what they read. It will actually changed their perception that a certain politician is capable of doing what they had promise. To be honest, I am not in favor of what these local officials
are doing in my beloved hometown.

I’ve witnessed a certain scenario on how they manipulate the election just to win back their held position. Well, I’ll blamed myself for not making any documentation. But I do hope upon reading this it will give a little spark in your brain. In my own point of view and I don’t know about you, if you will agree with me for what this incumbent leader did to our hometown. The real issue for me is this;

(I know all of you are not stupid or dumb)

What really disappoints me is the fact that until now the remote barangays are still experiencing inadequate supply of water. The funny thing was they created Katubigan Festival to show the abundance of
water in my town but the remote constituents suffered drought for years now. But then again, nobody ever give a solution to the problem. What they showcase was a dancing fountain to entertain visitors. They didn’t even realized. If they have enough knowledge, the budget they had for the fountain will be enough to buy materials to supply water to the remote barangays.

In this coming election, I hope you will choose a leader that has a good track record. A certain official that will represent the general public and has a good intention of doing projects for the welfare of this beloved town.

Choose a leader that will fight for the right of the people. A strong leader that will represent the oppressed. Someone who is very vigilant to protect the public funds and divulge any abuse of power and has a brave heart to address the public for whatever illegal activities that may occur.

Let this question be always in our minds. Ask them on how they can give solution to the problem that has been around for decades now.

“If I will cast my vote for you, will the water sewerage system be your first priority to answer the remote barangays water problem?”

WaTeR is LiFe! 👌🏼🖕🏼

My Greatest Teacher


While I decided to quit my job, I am always troubled with what is running in my head. I admit I am not an experienced writer but I did write poems before when anxiety hits. Unfortunately the poems I wrote were accidentally burned to thrash. It was alike a feeling of losing a best friend. Then I decided to quit writing poems. Back in my High School days I was always being given a good feedback with regards to my English subject. My teacher will constantly say if I continue to do so I might be at my best. Well, regrettably I just ignored it because at that time I am very excited about the scholarship granted by the Redemptorist Missionary through the various examinations that I took, I passed. Little did I know that excitement turns into a very disappointing one. My foster family did not permit me to grab the scholarship grant. They didn’t even realize how grateful it was to receive that kind of scholarship. I am not trying dragged myself, but to be honest out of 81 students who took, only three students passed and that includes me. I was anticipating that they will fully support me.
I am a member of a failed family. I grew up without my parents. My grandparents, uncles and aunties are my foster family. Growing up with my grandparents made me more determined to study, but the thing is my grandfather (which I called him Papa) is really disciplined and strict. Maybe because he turned into a Spanish tradition of discipline. When, in terms of studying I must finish it before 7 pm or else I ended up studying outside the house with the aid of the street lights. Everyday when I was growing up back in my elementary years he routinely turns off the lights at 7 pm. My grandfather was an alcoholic one, that is why. When he is drunk, even the lights in the market will be turned off, that’s how badass my Papa was. But people will always have a respect for him because when he is not intoxicated, he is the exact opposite. He is really hospitable and generous, especially to the strangers, that he even allowed them to sleep in our ancestral house.  

In that sense of disciplined I was even more determined to always actively listened to each subject in school. The tendency of not listening well? will end me in studying outside the home. Though some level I had hated on my grandfather, but the irony is he became my inspiration. He always delivered this one quote in his life that he always point out when I did something wrong that I can’t follow. I always asked what it is, you know I am too young to comprehend instructions because my brain is always outside basically thinking of playing. So I was always absent-minded. The thing is he always emphasized this quote when he is angry ” One word is enough for a smart man” (I just translated it from our own language but that’s how it is interpreted in English). 

It took me so long to dig what he really meant, I was too young then. But when I attended high school believe me it was my motto when I was asked then. I have always chosen as a group leader way back then and it really applies to what my grandfather is showing. I easily got irritated when someone doesn’t understand and doesn’t cooperate for every instruction that I presented. So it became a function of my life up until my college days. I am always upset when my classmates always asked again for instruction when obviously it was deliberately said clearly.  

In addition, my grandfather became my inspiration in my lifespan. Up until today I always share it with my two boys about the quote that my Papa said. My older son basically has the same understanding now and how important it is to fully adopt a certain instruction. I always point out that in that mode, we are training ourselves for being an attentive. It became my tool also of being socially aware. 

Though grandfather always said when I committed a mistake;

” You’re stupid!”
Now that I am a grown up man what he really meant by saying stupid is that, learning new things and possessing more knowledge is not stupidity.  

Right now it is the main key to fully understand the world that we dwelled in.

He is not bad afterall, he is my greatest teacher. 👊🏼😉👌🏼

They Had Me at Hello!?

It is invariably an issue for me about how can I furnish the basic needs in my life, yes it’s true! Because for me it is our way of how we are capable of surviving in this living Earth, the Survival of the Fetis thing.

Basically, as far as I can grasp, it has always been the money issue; which is true again. Our family, especially our parents, they will always put pressure on us; ” Go find some job, motivate your ass… Blah… Blah… Blah…” Why oh why? I ask myself.

The Money Factor

Remember the famous cliche? Where the church leaders are reminding us about; ” Money is the root or caused of all evil” To be more specific, yes it is. But in general aspect, people tend to misunderstand the other effects that money can bring to each and every person. They forgot that it is one of the major stresses in life. It is too obvious that people’s attitude may also change. In the sense that people assumed that they are now more potent and capable of controlling every person that surrounds them. (Because of the money they have)

It is also inevitable that they will constantly compare themselves for who they are right now. They have the feature of being a narcissist; ” Look at me now, blah-blah! I can make whatever I want blah-blah-blah…” Another thing is that they desire to be praised always. Well, it is not right; because when you do that sort of thing, it is basically the implementation of ” Be Like Me “ attitude. Little did they know, that in that sense they are disrespecting other people.

Reality checks-reality bites! It is unethical to invade and rule other peoples life because when you throw that kind of attitude, you are trying to mirror yourself to them. In which in that instance you took away their freedom. The freedom to live freely. What you did was an implementation of the primal aspects of human error; many of us in general hasn’t even noticed that. Many of which we hold a default thinking that we assumed other people’s behavior to follow. We overestimate the role qualities and we underestimate the role situation.

Moreover, every human being is unique that’s the genuine truth. I’m not saying it is not wrong to influence other people. What I am trying to point out is that we need not to dictate what we desire for them. In these real world we humans perceived that socialization played the key parts in our lives. Allow them to grow freely and allow them to decide thru their own conclusion. If you continue to manipulate and dictate what you want, it will only stressed them.

Stress is something that can be good and bad. It cannot be warded off; especially when you put too much pressure when you are trying to influence that person. It is essentially an emotional sudden changed. Whether it is about life and work. I can personally relate to that kind of position.

Last year was the most stressful chapter of my lifespan. Yes, I do have the best desired job any man can desire, being a multi-tasker heavy equipment operator. To be fair? It was a great feeling to experience a multi-skill, especially in my field of work. But the thing is I didn’t even know that being a multi-tasker is one major stresser. The fact that the company puts pressure in terms of task completion.

Another factor is the environment that I suffer when I was working. It is very nerve-racking when you suggest something and because they held the top position they will look at you like a sheep’s eye.  You are being turned down because they think their ideas are the right thing to do. But in the end the ideas that I suggested are more efficacious; and this shitty moroon will come to you and say ” Wow! You probably got it right.”

Pfft! Is it really an issue when a person is lower than your rank suggested something and you scarcely care less about it. Does it lower your position when it is from somebody else’s mind? Wouldn’t you be happy that somebody is helping you out? It is actually vague and irrational.

After that situation happened the problem was resolved and I parked my unit and wandered. I was confused and think it over and over. The second time around I did the same thing, sharing my ideas to help answer a certain problem but then again I was ignored. I walked away and thought about maybe my idea is not truly good. Later on somebody came and approached me what was my plan about it to resolve the trouble. In my head, I said ” WTF! I was standing right there and he ignored me.” But then I ended moving my ass to help; because I am the type of mortal who loves to share ideas to basically influenced others and help them learned. It was resolved and of course same old thing happened. I think of it over and over. I was so disappointed that why they bear that kind of attitude.

Mentally it is a nerve-wracking one. My ideas came from my experiences which is besides my best teacher in life. Why does this type of people exist? I asked myself. The core mentality of owning a project is teamwork. In that aspect the people affected are expected to share things and ideas they have for the common good of the company. And then it came to my mind; possibly because I looked unusual to them. I do have tattoos and a tunneled ear. Oh hell yeah. They always have that discriminating look. It seems to be an ordinary situation for others, but for me it was an insult and very degrading that the ideas you have are being brushed off. I didn’t ask them to pay my respect in returned for what I did. These types of people have a big ego and I do go for the fact that they are not capable of learning something new. Pride indeed.

Oh well, whatever. Diplomas are not the mere basis of success, for me it is how you actually handle and solved such critical situation. Though I didn’t hold a college diploma, but I am not too greedy what’s on my mind. Basic education is one of my advocacies in my spirit.

All the riches in life is cannot be bought by money. It is not also good that we bear the characteristic of being a self-centered individual. Even if we are no longer studying, for me it is very imperative that in life; we must allow new ideas and we must go on to learn something new. And to consider that people may judge you as a weird person for knowing something because basically they judged you by the way you look.

Money issue stressed us out and it is normal. But we can manage that issue by allowing ourselves, to control it. Fact. 99% of the people are after the money. Money is good, but it doesn’t worth for our lives. It is absolutely true that money is important, but we must not get beyond that; because when we die, we can’t bring it.

Remember this, you must not force yourself to live with other peoples ideas. The reality is that we are the sole responsibility for our own life not them. We must learn to love our self first and allow other people to influence us.

The essence of learning something new is the best way to change our wrong deeds. Learning to accept new things; but if you feel like you are not comfy with his idea, respect them. Some people are very sensitive and very emotional.

Think before you spew out those words.

If we are stressed out of something, whether in our life and in our workplace, try to write it down.

• Analyzed • Plan • Change And let go of all the things that doesn’t grant you happiness.

Welcome to the Real World People! 👊🏼😉

Keep it 💯 Real! 👌

🏼 Life as we experience it.