The Great Divide

Keep pushin’ me to the edge ’til my heart bleeds. 

I feel so numb and dumb; I can’t hear a music, please hit that drum.

I can hear so clearly now, but this feelings will slowly disappear.

My heart will explode and you will never hear a sound, but instead you will be astound.

When that time comes, I’ll make it sure that I’m happily sleeping on the ground.


Weird Out

Pain reigns inside my brain.

Pain slowly drops outside my brain like rain.

Oh pain! If I can’t handle you I’m going insane. 

Fuck you pain! Get out of my brain.

Mama’s Love

Every mother is special, but when they’re angry they are very lethal. 

A mother’s love is unconditional, and they will make it sure that every children is treated equal.

Mother’s are the toughest because in every storm that comes they protect us, and  mother’s are the bravest because they risked their lives to fullest.

Happy Mothers Day!