Vagueness of My Nest

I was sleeping in total darkness, and I woke up with sadness.

I started to take out the madness, and indulged myself with their foolishness.

They knew my weakness, but I embraced it with gladness.

Life is full of craziness, and I enjoyed it by taking out my shyness.


Escapism 2.0


The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming.

I thought you were coming, I was just assuming.

The beer keeps dropping, and then I started hallucinating.

I continued dreaming, and now it’s very consuming.

Why Worry?

Don’t worry if they will not like you, the truth is they don’t know you. 

Don’t worry if they will ignore you,  the truth is they will not understand you.

Don’t worry if they put hate on you, the truth is they like you.

Don’t worry if they keep pushing you, the truth is they are too scared of you.

Don’t worry! The truth is YOU.


Be brave! Even if everything is left unsaid and done.

Be true! Even if your feelings is always blue.

Be loyal! Even if the others are detrimental.

Be in love! Oh well, I’m not a dumb person who will continue to suffer your fuckin’ hypocrisy.


A happy start of the year, but all of the sudden it shifted to fear. My gray heart started to heal, but all of the sudden the mood became so despair.

Please teach this gray heart to be romantic,  I’m tired of being melancholic. Falling in love must always be optimistic, but this poor heart is gray, dreary and pessimistic.

My Infinite Blithe ’16

I must say 2016 is the year of divergence for me. Even if there are so many ups and downs, I still managed to fix it all one by one. The fear of writing is basically part of it, but who cares as long as I wrote things down with no pretentions. Writing poetry is my best outlet to pour out my truest emotions and it’s the best cure for me. One of the happiest moment for me is when I wrote Detour (The Road to Recovery), why? It was featured by Inside Entertainment on their blogsite. Indeed ’twas a great honor for me when they recognized my poem.

In addition, my interest in photography gave me more encouragement to do more. Being a note taker also helps my photography knowledge and that gave me more confidence to upload my photos to a photography community like  I will share my photo’s which was recognized and awarded by the prestigious community and I was also featured on Behind The Lens blog which is also part of

2016 will always be the best year for me and of course without WordPress life will be boring. Thank y’all! You guys are the reason why I continue writing and basically learn more to improve it.  

This is dedicated to my readers and beloved followers.

Metamorphosis 2.0

I took the quickest turned from the road of disorder, and then step by step I discover. 

It was the world of wonder, but full of  chances to ponder and recover.

I used failure as my writing tool, and at the same time my resident school. 
I wrote the divine thoughts of poetry, and I sketched the beauty of adversity.