Dark Regime

What a day!

I woke up this morning reading the message from my Aunt asking me to stop posting my ideology about the current declaration of Martial Law. This is the second time that I was given a warning by my aunt; the first one was from my mother’s younger sister. 

So I said to myself, wtf!?

Both of them really think I should stop, well, thanks for the concern but I won’t stop. 

To be honest, even if I voted for the president it doesn’t mean that I am not entitled to criticize him. The president’s characteristics had change and even more extreme (probably because of the highest power that he gained) . 

Anyhow, I just couldn’t tolerate the hypocrisy of the government and maybe because I am too aware of it. Why would I conform to 16 million ignorant idiot society right? The moment that the president became authoritarian- I became more vigilant and more aware of the government’s move. What I hate about it is that the people still clicking on the bait even if it is too obvious that the government made it as their propaganda. They still bite the issue without even checking if it’s true or not, and that made me feel so sick.

Under the constitution it says that every citizen can retain their absolute rights including “The Right to Freedom of thought..” Even if the country is under Martial Law, so, why should I stop my dear Aunties? 

I know my right and I will exercise that right of freedom because this is a country of democracy. So, don’t worry.


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