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I had a task on a philosophy class, and I was very keen in listening every details of the topic while I enjoyed myself taking down notes. I realized that it might be a good idea to share what I noted. 

The three things that makes people Happy according to Epicurus;

•These are the friends that know you and loved you.

•Friends that knows more about you and accept you for who you are.


•The idea of being able to express our own self in which we can do whatever we want in our life.

•According to Epicurus, he pointed out that we should have a freedom from false desires. If we are free from false desires, then we will have freedom. These are the freedom of infinite. 


•We need to have logical thought in order to get away from the idea of death, he said that we should not be afraid of death but instead as long as we are well and good; We must enjoy life while we are living in this world.

A qoute from a poem,

“In life you only need two things to worry about, it is either you are well or you are sick…”

If we are well there is nothing to worry about and it is an Epicurean way of life. Enjoying life to the fullest while we are alive.
So, let us enjoy a happy life that is free from negativity and false desires, surround ourselves with good friends and enjoy freedom while it’s free.

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