Oye! Nabanhaw Sila 2017

Our hometown has an annual Easter Sunday music festival tradition that existed for almost twenty years now. The first Oye! (the common term for the festival) I was there; It was my teenage years and it started from five to ten bands to my account. Year after year more bands were participating. This year it has a total of twenty four bands coming from different places and playing different genres of music. This time around, I was with my fam bam because the location is in the Cabulig River (where our grandparents and the locals usually hangout) where kids and adults can enjoy swimming as well.

In addition, more and more people are coming from different places to celebrate the traditional Easter Sunday celebration. The best thing about the music festival is that you can watch it for free while you spend time with your family and friends. So, I brought my camera with me because I knew it’s the best place to shoot.

The best place to celebrate during Easter Sunday indeed.


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