The Good Harvest|Kaamulan Festival 2017


Kaamulan Festival is an ethnic cultural festival that is celebrated annually from the second half of February up until the month of March. For the fifth time around I made it again. Kaamulan is a word derived from the local Binukid word “amul” which means to gather. The purpose of the said gathering is said to be the celebration of the Datu’s ritual, a thanksgiving for the good harvest, a peace pact, and often times it is associated to a wedding ceremony.

Moreover, my first Kaamulan experienced was on 2001 and then the following year of 2002. The third time I came back was on 2005, and then from last year 2016 it was the first family bonding in which we decided to go back as always–Yes. We’re back in 2017 to witnessed the most prestigious and colorful festival of our Region. The province of Bukidnon is rich with Indigenous Culture because they paid a big respect to the Lumads as the pure owners of the beloved province. The festival’s highlight is the cultural street dancing which is represented by each respected towns of the Bukidnon Province.



There are seven known Indigenous Tribes of Bukidnon Province that comes from the two ethnical origins, the Bukidnon and the Manobo. The two ethnic groups has a difference when it comes to their physical characteristics. The Bukidnon can be describe as with slight build bodies, slanting eyes, pointed noses, and has a skin tone of brown to lighter skin color. However, the Manobo are relatively small built in their bodies, dark skin tone, curly hair, flat nose in which they said the Manobo’s has a mixture of the Negritos. The Manobo’s live in the mountains while the Bukidnon’s live in the flatlands of the province.

The Seven Tribes are as follows; Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Umayamnon, Higaonon, Tigwahonon, and Bukidnon.



Kaamulan Festival 2017 was celebrated together with the local members of the government, town people, and the students who joined the Indigenous Tribes in showcasing their traditional colorful cultural dance.




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