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“Life for me is like a ladder, we must take it one step forward at the time. Every stage of it has a corresponding value; it’s either a priceless experience or a lesson that will teach us. But most of the time we failed to take a step forward ‘coz we are afraid. What we don’t know, failures are basically disguised as ladder so that we can step forward and embrace the new stage of our life.”



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"Thanks for the tragedy, I need it for my art." -Kurt Cobain 📝 🎨 ♻️📸 Medical🍁Cannabis Advocate👌🏼 🚫Mental Illness Advocate Cydford Dylan & Skyler Caleb 🚸 🔝 My boys 🔝 Single Parent 👨‍👨‍👦 In ❤️ with Humanity. Music Heals. 🎵🎶 Photography|Portrait Sketching |Poetry