The Beguiled Internet and Social Media World

“A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.”

-Mark Zuckerberg

I was really moved when I heard that quote from the instructor while he was discussing the Pop Culture subject. The topic basically stirs up my interest because I can relate to his point when it comes to the relevance of the social media and internet trends. Though I took up the Why We Post (The Anthropology of Social Media) online course, the quote gave me an idea to explore more about the social media platforms. It always gives me a chill, especially when the people from Facebook do their status updates. Obviously, all the things that they posted appeared in my newsfeed. Sometimes I end up laughing when I saw some irrelevant issues that they posted. Why? Our country has the free data option for Facebook provided by the telecom company. The problem is that when they share something like a trending topic from a given link, the free data couldn’t lead you to the main link because you are out of load. So the tendency, they will end up reading the writers/journalist lead without even reading the whole nut graph. For all we know a lead could often give us a wrong perception. The people basically react to the enticing and beautifully written lead that allows them to become more aggresive in voicing out their opinions (in which in the all aspects mostly their points of view differ from the real content of the story). That thing made me laughed. When other the other people will post for more relevant issues like for example when it is all about racism, humanity issues, political awareness and other sensitive topics (that can be connected to our real existence) they tend to ignore it. They are more interested to the topics that sells like pancakes.

“The internet is not an alternate universe where all it was made freely from the material world in which both of the problems and pleasures of that world will find their place in there.”

People nowadays as I observed became more unethical or shall I say they didn’t really knew what it is  to be in the social media/internet world. Indeed, internet is important to us because it can help us connect to the other side of the world specifically those who are dear to us. It is also important to our democracy in the society, but it is more important that we are aware of the rapid divergence of the beguiled social media and internet world especially to the informations that they feed to us. The internet and social media is basically too sensitive for the audience right now. While we are in the beguiled world, from my point of view we must always bring our expectations with us. Being online is our ultimate reality because when we are acting online we are basically not acting with ourselves. The internet will bring our subconscious minds to pretend like we are somebody else, truth. If you will agree, the internet is our tool to do our research for who we are. When we are in the internet world we will expect the loss of our privacy and the loss of our civility. It is infinitely true that the internet world is a free speech platform, but it has a corresponding disadvantages and advantages. If we are only aware about the internet world today, it has an ethics struggles right now and that is the substantial reality.  The existence of racism and sexism which creates prejudices and the internet world is also the battleground for politics and more conforming issues. It is a place where the loyal supporters/netizens becomes the shield of the political prominent figure. Even if the internet world is our editorial voice it is also important that before we will have our comments, we must obliged ourselves to see both sides of the story. We must have a better understanding and then we will voice out. Loyalty to politicians is not really right for me, even if for example I voted for him. When he did things in unethical manner, I will not tolerate him. Democracy for me is the right to practice my sovereignty. It is not always OK to say yes. We must have the attitude of knowing what is right and knowing what is wrong, that’s democracy for me. To be more specific, the social media world will basically influence our behavior that gives an idea of hope for other people. It cannot be deny that social media has set an overly tone for us, but it is still imperative that we must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the news that the social media shitted to us. As they said “a single sided story can damage a reputation.” It cannot be avoided that a person may be questioned if he/she has enough knowledge about the things he/she shared. Any given comments by our peers or whoever is commenting, we must not take it personally but instead listen and allow them to explain what they believed. If we have that kind of treatment, it is basically a sign of mutual respect for the social media democracy.

Furthermore, we must not always forget the STLC system when we are dealing with conflicts.

Stop, breath and Think carefully. If we react through our immediate emotions the tendency will take us to a bad place of conflict.

Listen and Communicateif we will listen carefully and understand, it is actually a way of gaining their trust. When we do it, we will then communicate in a positive way and express with respect.

We must always remember that our thoughts are connected to our behaviors based on what we do and what we feel.

One love.

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