Mr. Fechzeiruv Brooke Einhart

(Whilst writing his diary)

The girl with a broken smile asked me if she can sit beside me for a while, I said “Yes! you may, don’t be shy.” She bears the face of being sad and she was so fragile.

Then we started talking and sharing each of our own stories, when suddenly I noticed the tears were slowly dropping from her eyes.

I politely asked her “Why are you crying, Miss?” And then she responded with displeasure “Because I was stupid! My heart is now at the death’s door, can you save me from dying, Mister?”.

I was shitting green but I don’t want her to see me that way and I remain poised. I took her hands and gently telling her “You are too beautiful to waste your own life for him, Fucked love and your shitty feelings! You were blinded by illusion, that’s not the solution. Have time for yourself and enjoy every moment, your life doesn’t evolve in him. We created our own destiny, live your life without animosity. Life is beautiful! Let him enjoy his karma and please do not be mournful.”

And then I hugged her tight and the girl with a broken smile  whispered “Who are you Mister?” 

“I’m Fechzeiruv Brooke Einhart”

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