Life Is A Two Way Mirror

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As it was discussed in the Anthropology of Social Media, WhyWePost by FutureLearning and by the University College of London which is a free online course that I took, they said Social Media has no exact universal definition. 
Yes! It’s true because it differs basically from our own points of view on how we really define it personally. It has been 3 weeks now since I conducted my own way of determining how my online friends react in every post I made. I also did a random survey of questions on how social media can contribute to their daily life activities, the benefits, how they use it and the most common social media applications they used.

Here are some enlightening words from my online and offline friends;

“I used it for online shopping and it is also a threat to a certain relationship because flirting to someone is vulnerable.”

“A good way of advertising and marketing of my online business.”

“A tool for communicating my friends, families and classmates who now lives in the other countries.”

As we can see, the way they used social media really depends on the status of their lives and all of them  are  Facebook and Instagram users. The most common reason also is self-expression and for them it is the fastest tool of communication to reach the people that are closely related to them. It is also their opportunity to showcase their basic skills that can land them a desirable job. It is also their way of getting access of fresh updates on the current news, an intelligent way of exchanging ideas and also their efficient way of doing research in relation to education

In general, being in the world of social media and as a social media user, it gives them a wide array of benefits based on their personal interest of their lives.

Those are the positive attributes of social media that they’ve got based on their individual experiences.

On the other hand, based on the post that I made three weeks ago; I observed and I found out that when I intentionally posted a picture together with my cousin, in which we dressed up like we are part of F1 pit stop crew and that we are going to Malaysia for our job. Obviously, I was just pretending because my real intention was to find out how they will react when I assumed that I was really heading to Malaysia. I was really bemused. As you can see the picture is not really a good shot for me. 

(I intended to blur the picture just for this post)

It gave me a total of 48 hits. 

What I didn’t understand is that when I posted the things that I really loved to do like my sketches, poems, things that I made from recycled materials for home decor, inspirational qoutes and sharing thoughts about the idealogy of life, believed me the hits that I got didn’t reach 40, if I will get the total of all the likes that I have. (from the art pieces that I made which has no pressumption when I made it).

So I drew out the conclusion in my head that it is absolutely true, people are easily drawn to illusion and very much vulnerable to pull the wool over one’s eyes. 

Reality vs. Illusion, but that’s not my real point of posting, I don’t really care if nobody likes what I posted. What I am trying to send out is that the representation of the real jzDub as a total misfit which is very much different from the person that they have known before, I was just sharing the newly found core values in which I failed to develop before. 
Anyways, that only proves also that the majority of the users are not keen observers of the reality. It is still a stigma of willful blindness in our society for what illusion brings in real life and that the vast majority are into single sided story

The inabiliy to have a critical thinking skill is not present. What they see is what they get. That’s the reason why most social media users always have a misinterpretation for what they are reading and for what they are sharing. 

How can we rectify it?

So, therefore it us very important that we must be responsible enough everytime we make our own post. We must remember also that not all articles and rumors that were posted and shared are 100% realiable. It is necessary for us to do our own research if that certain post was doubtful in our own perception. Reading at least one article a day is a wonderful way to develop our knowledge and that is proven and suggested by the known idealistic personalities. 

I can attest myself to that because reading really gives me a broader perspective in my personal life that really enlightened my mind to  be more observant and it gave me all the answers to my questions that I had before. My mind is now awake.
We must not allow social media to influence our personalities because deceitfulness is inevitable, but instead we must use it as our medium for sensible purpose to develop our whole being.

What we reap is what we sow.

It is not too late to teach our children what real life is about, we must be more vigilant now. Let us encourage them to do more readings because being aware and knowledgeable is the key for suppressing the rhetorical world of social media.


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