Questions of Love

If love is blind, why am I still seeing You?

If I set my heart on fire that means I am in love, so why can’t I be called an arsonist?

Love can be broken, so if I intentionally broke the glass infront of you, can we call it love?

Love is full of heartache and pain, can I suggest an anesthesia? So that I can no longer feel heartache and pain?

If I said, “I am addicted to you.” So, why can’t I be rehabilitate for my addiction?

Love is a dangerous thing, then why do couples always say ” ’till death do us part?” So, it is not dangerous at all.

Love is sweet, then why I am still bitter? Even if I am still in love with you.

If I pour out my love for her, then why is she still alive and not drowning?

Holy shit! I think I’m in love because they said love can drive you crazy. 

Am I?

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