Falling in Love Again

I slowly found out what my life is all about. Even if at this point of time, I never took it as regret that I just recently discovered the core values in my life. The “Why?” question in my life was answered. I comfortably have a constant communication with my online friends, exchanging personal opinion with regards to life situation, so to speak. Way back then after I graduated from high school, I did wrote some poems before but unfortunately t’was accidentally burned (because I just wrote it on a scratch paper, so my aunt thought it was just a thrash). Anyways, with regards to my interest in sketching I normally did some doodle art in my notebooks before. While listening to the teacher, I always entertained myself doodling. I didn’t took it as a serious craft for the record. It was just my way of diverting my attention instead of  listening to my boring teacher.
Fast forward, while I was working same thing had happened in my workplace. Everytime I held a pen, that means it’s doodle time. I often made fun with my co-workers doing their doodle version, just for pure fun only. But my mates will usually say ” wow! You are good at it.” Well, just a few compliment that I usually received from them. I didn’t really mind it at all.

When the time I decided to quit from my job, obviously I have more time sitting at home thinking of what job will be at stake. In time on January 30th I landed my first online job as a “student note taker”. In which I fell in love directly with, it is because ’twas not just a job but also my chance to learn new things. As a student note taker, I take down notes from different subjects (depending on the audio that was assigned to me). From arts, history, science, general psychology, film animation, literature, writing among others.

Whilst doing my task, again I did some doodle art on my paper that usually happened when I will felt sleepy. My way of fighting sleep so  that I will be able to survive to finish my task. My sketching started when my cousin Audrey bought me a sketchpad and a pencil. That’s the beginning of my sketching hobby. I am very thankful for my cousin because she is very supportive.

Aside from sketching, I did some backyard art also by using recycled materials and I also write blog based on my personal experiences and I also composed poems again. The person that triggers me to wrote was my friend in high school but ’twas just his joke. But then I took it as a challenged for me to do so. 

In addition, my online course actually open the door and encouraged me to pursue the chosen path. The Development of Cultural Intelligence online course opened the door to help me develop the talent that I have right now. Particularly about the topic finding the core values of life.

So here I am right now, falling in love again with my new found core values of being creative and poetic as they said. I am very thankful for the opportunity to showcase my pre-loved interest to share it with the other people. It does changed my life to be confident and trust more on my instinct that I can do it and continue what I loved to do. The emergence of my passion and happiness for the love of thy art and craft.

My creative piece with personal meaning.

Charlie Chaplin• Waste from my pencil that I made dedicated to the most admired comedian and a very intelligent icon.

Carina• She is a versatile versemaker of feelings and gorgeous poetic friend.

•Annie_Maii• She loves to capture awe-inspiring photos, my pretty German photographer friend.

Ssuuzzyy• She guided me to the misfitz world and the quick-witted and very charming educator.

•Jill• A very hardworking and amiable nurse, the pulchritudinous girl next door.

Kurt Cobain• My personal favorite and I grew up listening to his music (up until now) and I was inspired by his qoute, “Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art.”

•Vanessa• It is funny how we met it was by accident through Viber. After that no communication made until I went through my Instagram account that I saw her pic and then the rest was history. She is very dedicated and a family oriented friend who is now in Dusseldorf, Germany and a very friendly Filipina too.

•Summer• That’s the colored ballpen drawing of my unborn daughter Summer which is also the picture that I used for my poem dedicated to her “Dear Summer”.

•jzDub®funcri91bagdowkjungel• My first ballpen drawing and at this time I was intoxicated basically a personal one, the reflection of my identity and alter-egos. Surreal theme depicting my doomed experiences of my life. 

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