If Only…

Have you notice something in your life where you keep doing things in routine? 

It feels like your daily movement are in order and timed. You wake up, eat, dress up and rushed your ass to work. It’s kinda stressing, right?

So who the fucked invented the routine? Anybody knows about who he/she was? He/she was damned hero for ruining other peoples lives.

So here’s a story that I wanna share, it actually bothers my head for days and I was thinking maybe it’s a good topic to discuss.

If only…

•If only our ancestors taught us to eat leaves so that it will not be a big issue for us to look for our daily needs to find the food that we eat everyday.

If only…

Cellular phones was not invented so that if we have the chance to talked to each other, we can do it face to face and with a sense of sincerity. Talking without looking down because somebody else is texting.

If Only

  • Internet was not invented so that I will not write and share this crazy things that runs through my head. Then I will not keep on asking why and what the heck had happened to this sick and chaotic crazy damned world.

If only…

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