DETOUR (The Road To Recovery)

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I tried to shoot the stars in the outer space but what I got was shamed and disgraced.

I walked away for about a distance mile and I saw the sign, “The Road To Recovery” . It gave me a reason to smile.

There was a big rock placed beside the post and I sat down comfortably for a while.

My mind wandered and I asked myself, why life is so fragile?

Loneliness lingers on that made me sighed, and then I relaxed myself and closed my eyes.

A water from my eyes came out in dripped and I can’t even dare to stop knob my earsplitting cry coming out from my lips.

I felt the cold wind blowing and inside my head I heard voices screaming, one voice I heard was whispering gently and another voice was swearing relentlessly.

I opened my eyes and rambled away from where I was sitting.

From far away, I saw a radiant ray of light, I was bedazzled; I ran so fast towards the luminous light but I can still hear creepy voices that are very annoying.

Drawing closer to the place where the light was, I was overwhelmed for what I’ve witnessed.

That glorious lightrays that enticed me to be in that place, it was my inception of becoming victorious and illustrious.

” New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” -Lao Tzu- 👌🏼


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