Amaru Shakur

Twelve years ago, this is the exact day when my eldest son was born. On May 9, 2004 -the day before the presidential election. Later that evening at 7:25pm my son was delivered safely. Cydford Dylan came out to this world and brought smiles to our families. Oh wait! It should not be his name.

My first choice was actually Amaru Shakur– yes it sounded like the name of the greatest poetic rapper 2Pac. But the meaning behind of it is so deep for me. Amaru Shakur the greatest indigenous revolutionary leader who led against the Spanish oppressor. Amaru means the shining serpent and Shakur means thankful in arabic. So when I told my ex-wife about it she basically burst into madness and told me why the heck I will gave the rappers name. In my head I said, you are so damn poor inside your brain. So it became an argument. But because I was so upset, she asked me to give the second name. Then I gave Dylan from the great singer Bob Dylan. As simple as that, well anyways, my second child’s name was also from Kings of Leon lead vocalist Caleb Followill

So I must say-name your future children according to what you basically love and search meanings that are connected to their names. It actually feels good to know that their names are meaningful. 

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