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The first thing we noticed about watching movies are the soundtrack, from the promotional trailers basically. Eargasmic pumpin’ music that made our synapsis react. Our auditory and visual sensors will definitely burst into excitement from time to time, when we see and hear that movie trailer we loved.

But when that music you loved from a particular movie happens to be in reality, oh!well-shit happens. That’s another wonderful story of our life. Agree? 

Generally speaking in my personal experienced it did actually happened.

Tracing back the years that past, it was an occurence where I didn’t expect to be like that. I am sure you guys have watched Armageddon, the Animal Cracker scene particulary. It was Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler’s famous scene. The montage was great and so did Steven Tyler when he sing in accapella. So damn sweet!

Anyway, every movie has a favorite line of words. So did I. It was a situation where you’ve been asked to stop courting. But  what more can I say, the killer lines which was drawn from the innermost part of my heart. Send chills to my brain and sending my text message;

” How can we know if things will not work out for us?  If we don’t give it a try to work for us….” 

It was a conversation when I thought it was definitely over. Minutes gone by, i rushed myself to her. I knocked at her door but still she has no anwer. So i forced myself to get in.

When I was inside the atmosphere was so damn cold, the air condition was responsible for making it cold. So we’ve talk whilst her music from her computer serenades the room. It blends with the scenario. Then I held her cold hands and confessed everything what I truly felt. She responded in womanly manner, I held her hand tight and moved myself a little bit closer. Our eyes sending out the messsage on how much we truly feel. An eye to eye contact that represents the pureness of our feelings and slowly getting into her, and we kissed. It was the moment where you could only think is you and her against the world.

The background music plays as we both closed our eyes kissing ; 🎶 I don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep…..I don’t wanna miss a thing….🎶 and then we stopped and laughed about the timing of an Aerosmith song. 

It was indeed a great experienced. Something that can be cherish for the rest of my life. 

It is absolutely true, wonderful and meaningful mem’ries can last a lifetime. The more we think about it the more we put a smile in our hearts.

So what’s your song? 


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