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It is so nice to see how my boys reacted when I am around with their mom. The usual complete set. I am not too greedy when in terms to showing my realest affection for them. I’ve been there done that. Growing up for me is not so easy especially when both of my parents are not around. To be more specific, I grew up in the hands of my grandparents and auntie’s. I am too lucky to have them because they showed me the love and care unconditionally.

The fact that I am separated with my ex-wife the mutual respect remains civil. We both always aim for our boys happiness. My eldest son understand the whole scenario why our relationship doesn’t work anymore. Obviously I did explained to him why things doesn’t work out the way it used to be.

Change is inevitable but it doesn’t mean only one person is capable of doing it. It is still unfair to do so. So the best thing that we can do is that to let them feel we never abandoned them. For me I always showed my boys how much I care and how much I love them. The true essence of being a father which I showed , the respect remains the same. Being a real man cannot be measured by how many women you slept with, but it is how you will raise your own family.

Being a broken family here in our country is still a stigma. Well I can’t blame every humans perception about that kind of situation. I grew up in a country were tradition and other beliefs played the most key role. What is important for me is that even if our family was broken, as a parents to our boys we always set aside our personal issues with regards to our relationship. We never hated each other and the respect remains the same, as a parents. 

I never allow any borders to grow in our relatonship, she can do the things whatever she wants to do, I don’t give a damn anyway. People around me knew how much I care and how much I love my boys. Being a single father is fckin’ nice! The realest thing is that for my two boys I have an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for them. Aight!? 💯❤️😉👌🏼

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