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Nowadays people tend to follow who’s the most popular politician or the most prominent one. They don’t even check or evaluate what the politician did to his constituents or what achievement they had on their political resume.
Growing up I was made to believe how bad the former President Marcos ruled the country with regards to his declaration of Martial Law. The elders always said how cruel and inhumane they treated the citizens.
But you know, I had no interest in politics at all because I was too young then. So the stories they shared on how bad President Marcos was stuck in my mind.

As I enter adulthood, I slowly grasp every happenings around me, whether it is local or national politics. In our street when the elders group together for the ” tagay (alcohol drinking)” session. I always find ways to at least hear what they are up to. In general “tagay” session was the best time to discuss news and other stories that really affected the elders. After taking some beer or rum shot, the hotter the discussion and debate. It is really nice to see them arguing, it felt like you are in the house of congress debating a new
house bill. That moment in time I was then more keen to watch the news on tv.

Indeed, it was the part of my life where I am really influenced by being socially aware of what was happening. Aside from the drinking session, the debate and arguments over a certain matter, also stir up my interest in reading old books, magazines and newspapers. It was really odd to recall my growing up years in my place. When I was instructed to buy in a sari-sari store, the owner always wrap the one that I bought in a newspaper. Even though the newspaper is kinda old it was still fun to read. So in that sense, I also practiced my reading comprehension. When I find words that is so difficult for me to comprehend I immediately grabbed the dictionary
and read its meaning.

The point of being aware of the political status nowadays is very imperative. Especially in these grace period of time, where social media are very deceiving. Technically, the internet will help us understand more about what is going on right now, because it is always up to date. Even the politicians used the social media as a medium to advertise their ” so called” accomplishment. So the general public
will tend to believe what they read. It will actually changed their perception that a certain politician is capable of doing what they had promise. To be honest, I am not in favor of what these local officials
are doing in my beloved hometown.

I’ve witnessed a certain scenario on how they manipulate the election just to win back their held position. Well, I’ll blamed myself for not making any documentation. But I do hope upon reading this it will give a little spark in your brain. In my own point of view and I don’t know about you, if you will agree with me for what this incumbent leader did to our hometown. The real issue for me is this;

(I know all of you are not stupid or dumb)

What really disappoints me is the fact that until now the remote barangays are still experiencing inadequate supply of water. The funny thing was they created Katubigan Festival to show the abundance of
water in my town but the remote constituents suffered drought for years now. But then again, nobody ever give a solution to the problem. What they showcase was a dancing fountain to entertain visitors. They didn’t even realized. If they have enough knowledge, the budget they had for the fountain will be enough to buy materials to supply water to the remote barangays.

In this coming election, I hope you will choose a leader that has a good track record. A certain official that will represent the general public and has a good intention of doing projects for the welfare of this beloved town.

Choose a leader that will fight for the right of the people. A strong leader that will represent the oppressed. Someone who is very vigilant to protect the public funds and divulge any abuse of power and has a brave heart to address the public for whatever illegal activities that may occur.

Let this question be always in our minds. Ask them on how they can give solution to the problem that has been around for decades now.

“If I will cast my vote for you, will the water sewerage system be your first priority to answer the remote barangays water problem?”

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