They Had Me at Hello!?

It is invariably an issue for me about how can I furnish the basic needs in my life, yes it’s true! Because for me it is our way of how we are capable of surviving in this living Earth, the Survival of the Fetis thing.

Basically, as far as I can grasp, it has always been the money issue; which is true again. Our family, especially our parents, they will always put pressure on us; ” Go find some job, motivate your ass… Blah… Blah… Blah…” Why oh why? I ask myself.

The Money Factor

Remember the famous cliche? Where the church leaders are reminding us about; ” Money is the root or caused of all evil” To be more specific, yes it is. But in general aspect, people tend to misunderstand the other effects that money can bring to each and every person. They forgot that it is one of the major stresses in life. It is too obvious that people’s attitude may also change. In the sense that people assumed that they are now more potent and capable of controlling every person that surrounds them. (Because of the money they have)

It is also inevitable that they will constantly compare themselves for who they are right now. They have the feature of being a narcissist; ” Look at me now, blah-blah! I can make whatever I want blah-blah-blah…” Another thing is that they desire to be praised always. Well, it is not right; because when you do that sort of thing, it is basically the implementation of ” Be Like Me “ attitude. Little did they know, that in that sense they are disrespecting other people.

Reality checks-reality bites! It is unethical to invade and rule other peoples life because when you throw that kind of attitude, you are trying to mirror yourself to them. In which in that instance you took away their freedom. The freedom to live freely. What you did was an implementation of the primal aspects of human error; many of us in general hasn’t even noticed that. Many of which we hold a default thinking that we assumed other people’s behavior to follow. We overestimate the role qualities and we underestimate the role situation.

Moreover, every human being is unique that’s the genuine truth. I’m not saying it is not wrong to influence other people. What I am trying to point out is that we need not to dictate what we desire for them. In these real world we humans perceived that socialization played the key parts in our lives. Allow them to grow freely and allow them to decide thru their own conclusion. If you continue to manipulate and dictate what you want, it will only stressed them.

Stress is something that can be good and bad. It cannot be warded off; especially when you put too much pressure when you are trying to influence that person. It is essentially an emotional sudden changed. Whether it is about life and work. I can personally relate to that kind of position.

Last year was the most stressful chapter of my lifespan. Yes, I do have the best desired job any man can desire, being a multi-tasker heavy equipment operator. To be fair? It was a great feeling to experience a multi-skill, especially in my field of work. But the thing is I didn’t even know that being a multi-tasker is one major stresser. The fact that the company puts pressure in terms of task completion.

Another factor is the environment that I suffer when I was working. It is very nerve-racking when you suggest something and because they held the top position they will look at you like a sheep’s eye.  You are being turned down because they think their ideas are the right thing to do. But in the end the ideas that I suggested are more efficacious; and this shitty moroon will come to you and say ” Wow! You probably got it right.”

Pfft! Is it really an issue when a person is lower than your rank suggested something and you scarcely care less about it. Does it lower your position when it is from somebody else’s mind? Wouldn’t you be happy that somebody is helping you out? It is actually vague and irrational.

After that situation happened the problem was resolved and I parked my unit and wandered. I was confused and think it over and over. The second time around I did the same thing, sharing my ideas to help answer a certain problem but then again I was ignored. I walked away and thought about maybe my idea is not truly good. Later on somebody came and approached me what was my plan about it to resolve the trouble. In my head, I said ” WTF! I was standing right there and he ignored me.” But then I ended moving my ass to help; because I am the type of mortal who loves to share ideas to basically influenced others and help them learned. It was resolved and of course same old thing happened. I think of it over and over. I was so disappointed that why they bear that kind of attitude.

Mentally it is a nerve-wracking one. My ideas came from my experiences which is besides my best teacher in life. Why does this type of people exist? I asked myself. The core mentality of owning a project is teamwork. In that aspect the people affected are expected to share things and ideas they have for the common good of the company. And then it came to my mind; possibly because I looked unusual to them. I do have tattoos and a tunneled ear. Oh hell yeah. They always have that discriminating look. It seems to be an ordinary situation for others, but for me it was an insult and very degrading that the ideas you have are being brushed off. I didn’t ask them to pay my respect in returned for what I did. These types of people have a big ego and I do go for the fact that they are not capable of learning something new. Pride indeed.

Oh well, whatever. Diplomas are not the mere basis of success, for me it is how you actually handle and solved such critical situation. Though I didn’t hold a college diploma, but I am not too greedy what’s on my mind. Basic education is one of my advocacies in my spirit.

All the riches in life is cannot be bought by money. It is not also good that we bear the characteristic of being a self-centered individual. Even if we are no longer studying, for me it is very imperative that in life; we must allow new ideas and we must go on to learn something new. And to consider that people may judge you as a weird person for knowing something because basically they judged you by the way you look.

Money issue stressed us out and it is normal. But we can manage that issue by allowing ourselves, to control it. Fact. 99% of the people are after the money. Money is good, but it doesn’t worth for our lives. It is absolutely true that money is important, but we must not get beyond that; because when we die, we can’t bring it.

Remember this, you must not force yourself to live with other peoples ideas. The reality is that we are the sole responsibility for our own life not them. We must learn to love our self first and allow other people to influence us.

The essence of learning something new is the best way to change our wrong deeds. Learning to accept new things; but if you feel like you are not comfy with his idea, respect them. Some people are very sensitive and very emotional.

Think before you spew out those words.

If we are stressed out of something, whether in our life and in our workplace, try to write it down.

• Analyzed • Plan • Change And let go of all the things that doesn’t grant you happiness.

Welcome to the Real World People! 👊🏼😉

Keep it 💯 Real! 👌

🏼 Life as we experience it. 


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