When you love an addict…

” Don’t worry about walking a mile in my shoes, just try a day thinking in my head. “

We must understand and respect an addict, they never choose to be addicted. The most common reason is they choose to deny their own pain. Every pain we have tells a story. We are probably smart enough to figure out how shitty things are. Mine was just different, I am addicted to you.

We are both addicts in our own little way, but some people are in denial to admit that they are part of the addict society. Take this one daily scenario; before you go home for work, I am pretty sure you logged out first your facebook account before heading home. What happens next is you logged in again your facebook account to your mobile phones and continue the facebook routine and continue reading news feed from your friends and other friends that are not personally related to you. Right? And we started complaining about the status we read and thought ” Oh! Just shut the f🙊ck up! “.

You will never understand until you became one. Some people come out clean and in denial to admit that they have there own addiction.

What about crying at the same person you have in your life. Isn’t it what they call an addiction to love? You shed out tears for him|her and rantingly shout, ” it’s over!” and yet you still hope the next day that he|she will come back to you again. Remember that Tove Lo song?  Not On Drugs from the album Queen of the Clouds,

Baby, listen please. I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs| I’m just in love| Baby, don’t you see?| I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs| I’m just in love| You’re high enough for me| lighter, brighter, pick the biggest stars I find| and I’m trip, trip, tripping in my empire state of mind…”

I admit I am an addict. 

I am addicted to pain and love, especially when the time you called me up and cry hard that made me shed my tears. I shed tears not because I pity you. I shed tears because I care much about you.


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  1. Yeah I totally agree that you can be addicted to another human being, I have been a couple of times. Love is definitely a drug. One early relationship I was so obsessed with the guy I thought about him 24 hours a day. Though I had no experience of drug addiction I knew it was like being on heroin. Then I had a sexually addictive relationship with a guy and actually stopped taking cocaine while I was with him, as he was the best high I’d ever had better than ecstasy and cocaine. Of course when we split up, I got completely hooked on cocaine. http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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