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2015 just ended and not everyone was pleased for the major decision in my life. Giving up my job for 5 years being a multi-tasker heavy equipment operator.
Who would not? if you will just fill in my shoes and feel the angst inside. It’s not about by hating my job. With all honesty, I am very proud of what I achieved especially in terms of my skill. For the record being a heavy equipment operator who mastered mechanical crane operation is a very tough job. You must have a brave heart and the couraged in handling heavy lifting situation. Trust is the operative word. Why? Because when handling and operating such unit (crane) you must be able to absorb what they are. It’s kinda weird, but my secret why I never had any injury or any incident that causes harm to me and my coworkers is that I allowed myself to feel what I lifted. You must be able to familiarized evrything. Being an operator doesn’t end there. You must bear in your mind always that once you started lifting heavy materials you must imagine it is life that you’re carrying. Safety and the environment are the main priority.

Back to the decision I made that I gave up such rare skill. It is a feeling in your life when you feel that you no longer exist. I can say my skill was less appreciated and recognized. That’s the caused why I was disheartened and feel like degraded. Like a CPU we are the heart and the brain of the company, The Motor Pool Department. One little mistake is a big issue, but a big accomplishment is not always recognized. And that’s a shitty political management style. I tried to keep that feeling inside, but I couldn’t tolerate it anymore by the way they treated us. It’s over now! And I decided to turn my back and asked myself, is this the life that I want? I can no longer bear the insensitive and the stupids this company has.

Another reason is my family, particularly my two brethren. I am a parent-less person, who grew up on my  mother’s side. So that’s why I stopped because I want to take care of my two handsome boys with my own hands physically and with my own guidance.

I am a single father now,  I tried having a relationship to whom I want to spend my life until my last breathe.  But unfortunately it is not my cup of tea. My two boys are my life now. That’s why I gave up because I wanted to start a new chapter in my life. Lesson learned and experienced is always the best teacher.

Maybe this is my chance to change my route in life and fulfill what I dreamed before. This is what I like the most.

That’s why I am thankful that WordPress exist and the inspiring writers/bloggers too. The excitement to write and by not caring if nobody reads or like your post is such a huge pleasure. I never doubted myself in doing such a major change in my life. It actually boosts up my confidence in which I never did before. I always follow my family’s decision for what they want me to do. But  right now, I can say I am now free from being a puppet. It is nice to do things whom you loved the most. I enjoy all the criticism and when they criticized, it allows me to be more determined, to persevere and be brave enough to face every challenges that may come.

Never doubt your instinct and trust yourself. 

Change is the end result of all true learning. (Anonymous) 👌🏼

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