Everyday People 1.2

I miss taking shots on the street, so I decided to bring my camera because we are going to the city. Here are my shots while waiting for my aunt while she was buying school supplies. These photos were taken in Cagayan de Oro City.


“Slipper Girl”

“Slipper Girls”

“Lines and Stripes”

“Is God Calling?”


“Phone Slavery”

“Gettin’ Ready”

“The Swap”


“Follow Me My Dear”

“Honey, I’m Scared”

The Great Divide

Keep pushin’ me to the edge ’til my heart bleeds. 

I feel so numb and dumb; I can’t hear a music, please hit that drum.

I can hear so clearly now, but this feelings will slowly disappear.

My heart will explode and you will never hear a sound, but instead you will be astound.

When that time comes, I’ll make it sure that I’m happily sleeping on the ground.